About Me

For 25+ years I’ve lead and built amazing creative teams in roles as creative director and user experience design leader helping businesses realize their true brand, product, and innovation potential.

I lead a global UX team at PerkinElmer focused on making a difference in our world by empowering scientific innovation to help with advancements in everything from our health, to our food, to our challenges like cancer and Covid. Our success together in these areas has led to amazing results – in quality of customer and user experience, to incredibly successful products, and most importantly — bringing together a fun team of talented people.

Throughout my career, I’ve been a part of many high growth, entrepreneurial businesses and products and am at my best and most passionate when faced with complex challenges working with organizations where creativity, innovation, team building and vision is required.

I’m personally very passionate about coaching and mentoring creative, design and UX professionals (and occasionally soccer teams) as well as imagining, building, and designing just about anything from surfboards to artwork to furniture to digital and physical products.

What I do everyday:

  • Lead a global team of 15+ and growing UX professionals
  • Work with teams, leaders, and individual contributors to build consensus, shape direction, and bring products to the world
  • Collaborate on driving our evolving agile user centered design culture
  • Help business teams shape products, platforms, and portfolios
  • Collaborate with industry UX leaders and practitioners as a contributor, speaker, and thought leader
  • Work day to day with our team to overcome their specific individual challenges and advance their careers
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